K&K - Academy like no other

Professional approach to training

Our qualified football coaches have many features that translate into the success of the academy. They have a wide knowledge of the game and strategy, which allows them to use the best tactics and game plans. They can motivate our players and get the most out of them, which translates into better results on the pitch. In addition, our football coaches are always open to suggestions and ideas of their players, which allows us to create a team where everyone feels appreciated and important. A characteristic feature of our football coaches is also the ability to cope with stress and pressure, which allows you to stay calm and make effective decisions even in difficult situations. Our coaching staff is always open to the development and improvement of their skills, which allows for continuous improvement and raising the level of our academy.


The football coach plays a key role in the team. He is the one who motivates and directs the team, determines the tactics and strategy of the game, and helps the players to develop their skills and technique. Without a good coach, team football would not be possible. When creating the Football Academy K&K, the selection of professional coaching staff was a priority.

Mirosław Kosowski

UEFA PRO License and Ex Motor Lublin manager

Zbigniew Kozłowski

UEFA A License and Ex PRO


With us you will learn how to score goals, pass the ball and rotate on the pitch like a professional footballer. Our coaches are experienced UEFA PRO and UEFA A players who prepare individual training plans for each player. At our trainings, you not only improve your skills, but also meet new people and have fun with the ball. Join us and play at the highest level!